Sunday, June 14, 2009

Here Comes the Judge

Back to Business as Usual, having returned from several days of coastal exile. While there, I inexplicably found myself the object of affection of more than one member of the judiciary. Meanwhile, overdeveloped prostitots paraded their hormonally-induced wares (including temporary henna tramp-stamps) along the shoreline while a TV news crew hovered just offshore. And a 67-year-old woman is lucky to be alive after having been swept overboard in rough seas; fortunately, her recently-installed breast implants (offering no less than 24 pounds of buoyancy apiece) kept her floating face-up until being rescued some 30 minutes later.

Okay, I made that last one up. But I did see a number of such women matching that physical description. And regardless of age, if there's one thing that will never make any sense to me, it's the appeal of fake tits.

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