Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ALTON ELLIS - "Girl, I've Got a Date"

While undergoing chemotherapy in summer 2007, I listened to a lot of music, and one song I played the hell out of was "Cry Tough" by Jamaican singer Alton Ellis & The Flames, a great little rocksteady tune that particularly resonated with me given the circumstances.

During the course of that summer, Ellis was listed to play some kind of reggae show in Anne Arundel County. However, with nearly four months' worth of treatment under my belt at that point (not to mention an obliterated immune system), I didn't make many concerts, let alone the Ellis show. Nevertheless, I hoped to one day have that chance...

Unfortunately, it never happened. Alton Ellis died the following year, in October 2008 - ironically (for me), from cancer:

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