Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Baltimore City Scales Back Trash Collection

In a perfect world, indeed, this plan would be all pretty girls and sunshine...

But this is Baltimore. Sure, some might consider twice-weekly trash collection excessive, even encouraging of waste. But the reality is that, even with twice-weekly collection, the shit piles high in Charm City. And in many neighborhoods, fewer collections won't translate into less trash generated; rather, there will only be higher piles of the stuff, stinking in the summer heat. One thing is for certain: word will quickly circulate among the Rattus norvegicus population that Baltimore lays a nice spread.

As for recycling - hell, even if the city were to broaden the recycling detail, well...mine is one of only two houses on either side of one winding city alley that even bothers to sort out/set out recycling.

And speaking of putting out the trash, Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore! No. 11 has been proofed/edited; only thing left now is to print it...

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