Monday, June 1, 2009

Apprentice House Publishes THE VEGAN MONOLOGUES

Loyola College's imprint Apprentice House announces the recent publication of The Vegan Monologues, a collection of essays by frequent Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore! contributor Ben Shaberman.

There’s nothing funny about being vegan, unless you’re humorist Shaberman. From dog chases to fornicating grasshoppers to chicken stock sabotage, he explores the lighter side of the meat-free lifestyle. Shaberman’s reflections will put a smile on the faces of vegans and omnivores alike.

His essays have appeared in The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, Vegetarian Times, VegNews, and a variety of other publications. His commentaries have also been carried by NPR’s Morning Edition as well as NPR in Baltimore and Des Moines.

Rave Reviews for The Vegan Monologues

Smart, wry, and just a little bit cynical, Ben Shaberman’s Vegan Monologues parlays the author’s unique sense of humor into a readable tome that elucidates the joys—and tribulations—of the meat-free lifestyle.
- Aurelia d’Andrea, Editorial Director, VegNews Magazine

Ben Shaberman has a remarkable talent: He writes entertaining stories with a vegetarian focus. His essays are insightful and intelligent, and they’ll make you laugh out loud. He is entertaining to the end.
- Shane Speer, Former Deputy Editor, Vegetarian Times

Ben’s warm writing takes equal aim at social absurdities and his own human vulnerabilities. This book is for all of us who find ourselves searching for meaning in the routine triumphs and disappointments of our everyday lives.
- Aaron Henkin, Co-Producer, WYPR (NPR in Baltimore)

Look for Ben Shaberman's ode to Baltimore's troubled Senator Theater in the forthcoming Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore! No. 11, due out in early June 2009.

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