Thursday, September 17, 2009

SMILE, HON: "Completely DIY"

BALTIMORE – Long-running punk zine MaximumRocknRoll calls the latest issue of Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore! “one of the best things I’ve read in quite some time” in its September 2009 (#316) issue.

“In these pages you’ll find no dreary and pretentious poetry, no rants on anarchist activism, and no lackluster interview questions with bands you never heard of before (and will break up in a month),” reviewer Bob Goldie says of Smile, Hon No. 11. “But…the whole mood and attitude is ‘punk’ in a non-mainstream sort of way, and the entire effort is completely DIY. Recommended!”

In related news, Smile, Hon publisher Eight-Stone Press is accepting submissions of Mobtown-related stories, essays, poetry, photography and other artwork for the forthcoming Smile, Hon No. 12 through Saturday, October 31, 2009. Creative non-fiction is preferred, though all submissions will be considered. Articles (100 – 2,000 words) are preferably received via e-mail ( as attached Word documents. Image files should be approximately 5” x 7”, 300+ dpi (.JPG or .TIF format). All contributors will receive a byline/artist credit for their work as well as two (2) complimentary copies of the issue in which their work appears.

From the harbor to the hills, Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore! collects the tales of those on whom Mobtown has left her indelible mark. Polished, professional essays; barroom sermons delivered from the sanctity of a favorite stool; the poet’s fleeting sentiment, captured in both word and snapshot – Smile, Hon offers a slice of Baltimore as told by Baltimore, presented with the time-honored DIY accessibility of a limited-run, handcrafted zine.

An Eight-Stone Press production, Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore! is available locally for purchase at Atomic Books (Hampden); Cyclops Books & Music (Station North); and Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse (Mt. Vernon). For more information, contact:

William P. Tandy, Editor
Eight-Stone Press
P.O. Box 11064
Baltimore, Maryland 21212
Twitter: EightStonePress


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