Saturday, September 5, 2009

Baltimore Insider's Guide: Question #6

Following the success of Criminally Yours, a collection of entertaining Baltimore-area crime experiences, Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore is once again collaborating with The Mobtown Shank, this time in putting together a Baltimore Insider's Guide. Over the next few weeks, we'll be asking various questions and compiling the results. (The more the merrier, so please tell your friends to answer, too!)

Today's question:

What is your top source (blog, paper, radio station, magazine) for Baltimore-related news? Why?

Please provide 2-3 sentences regarding why/what makes this place so special. Submit your answers to If we use your answers/submissions, you'll receive a free copy when the issue is published.

1 comment:

  1. I avoid TV news like the plague. For national news I look at a cross section of internet newspapers and blogs. For local news I look to see what my friends are saying on Facebook - if it looks interesting, I'll do my own research on it. I also research stuff that I observe first hand, to see what the deal is. So I guess I'm creating my own news report for myself.

    So many times I've seen stuff happen that SHOULD have been included on the local news and wasn't, or heard the local news go on and on about something that isn't important (IMO). I don't trust the news sources at all.