Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SMILE, HON, YOU'RE IN BALTIMORE! "Sex Issue" Release Party

BALTIMORE - Get between the sheets with Atomic Books and local imprint Eight-Stone Press (ESP’s) in celebration of the sex-themed Smile, Hon, You're in Flagrante!, the latest installment of ESP’s award-winning Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore! series, with a release party from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Friday, February 19, 2010, at Atomic Books, 3620 Falls Road, in Baltimore's Hampden neighborhood.

Enjoy refreshments while mingling with depraved contributors (including Rafael Alvarez, William P. Tandy, Caryn Coyle, Timmy Reed and more) who will regale the listening audience with their sordid tales. And while you’re at it, pick up a copy of the issue while browsing Baltimore’s original independent, alternative bookstore! And in the spirit of things, this event will also be an Atomic Swingers mixer; Atomic Swingers is a Facebook Group of Atomic Books friends/fans who are single. So if you're not single, be sure to tell your single friends. [NOTE: This event was postponed from the original date of February 11.]

Bondage, embarrassment and accident-induced impotence are but a handful of the sexual situations that arise in SMILE, HON, YOU’RE IN FLAGRANTE!, the latest theme in a series that has previously tackled such topics as scars, rats, crime and tattoos. In this issue, JENNA STROKER gives the neighbors a show; RAFAEL ALVAREZ checks into Room 829; ANAL ROBERTS gets Hammerjacked; MISSY KATZ gives foot; and LOLITA HONEYBUSH enjoys a mid-coitus siesta, plus a whole lot more. For more information, contact:

William P. Tandy, Editor
Eight-Stone Press
P.O. Box 11064
Baltimore, MD 21212


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