Monday, February 22, 2010

Back Door Man

Thanks to the 60 or 70-odd (or should I say 60 or 70 odd) people who attended the release party for Smile, Hon, You're in Flagrante! last Friday night at Atomic Books. Stellar showing of readers and listeners alike. Thank you to everyone who came to the reading, as well as special thanks to Atomic for hosting the event.

"IndieBookMan" Brad Grochowski had this to say of the evening:

[W]hat struck me was that we were listening to good, imaginative writing by good imaginative writers that, oh by the way, just happened to be about sex. This was a treat and is thanks to both Tandy for his editorial control, as well as the community of writers he has pulled around him. That you can have a whole evening of sex writing without a moment of cheap smutty erotica, I think, is a sign of good writers. [Read Grochowski's complete review here.]

And of course, afterward, the bartender of a local watering hole telling his patrons that they don't have to go home but that they can't go out the front door because the police have designated the street outside a crime scene for a block in either direction was simply icing on the cake.

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  1. Not sure why you would believe a THING that IndieBookMan has to say... that loser in insane!