Saturday, March 13, 2010

Leprechaun Macht Frei

In those post-high school days, the nearest movie theater to our small South Jersey burg was a multiplex 30 minutes up the Garden State Parkway, in Toms River. And on this particular occasion, my friend Jared and I had made the trek after resolving to finally see Schindler’s List, director Steven Spielberg's Holocaust opus that had recently swept the Oscars. But once there, neither of us could reconcile the distance driven with the depressive state in which the film would no doubt leave us...

And so, at the last minute, rather than Schindler's List, we walked into the theater screening Leprechaun 2. And we went home laughing at perhaps the most hilariously inconsistent nude body-double in the history of cinema.

Years later, at a horror convention in downtown Baltimore, I told this story to Leprechaun star Warwick Davis, who laughed uncontrollably at the thought of us having blown off the Academy Award-winner in favor of a bloodthirsty dwarf...

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