Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Brain That Refused to Die

A friend of mine once had a brain-shaped Jello mold. One year, another friend whose doctor feared he might have a brain tumor held a Halloween party. The guy with the mold made a Jello brain with a gumball suspended inside of it, representative of the tumor. Of course, the Everclear with which he had replaced most of the water in the Jello half-dissolved the gumball, reducing it to a dark, craggy, unrecognizable nugget. The good news was that, but for a few bites out of the frontal lobe, most of the brain was intact after the party. It was consequently dumped out the kitchen window, where it sat, largely undiminished by the elements, for the next five or six months. Had it survived the summer months, we looked forward to rinsing it off and serving it again the following Halloween.

Mercifully, the "actual" brain tumor turned out to be a false alarm.

And now, The Slickee Boys...

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