Sunday, August 1, 2010

Having a wonderfully dirty time!

Thanks to everyone who attended the official Waste release party, held Friday, July 30, 2010, at Atomic Books in Baltimore!

Though I never got an official head-count, I'd qualify the evening as an unmitigated success as the store was packed, offering standing-room only, by the time the readings got underway. Contributing authors who read their work included Lisa Wiseman ("In Defense of Getting Wasted"); Fernando Quijano III ("Pissed On"); Sharon Goldner ("From the Estrogen Files"); Timmy Reed ("A List of Unappreciated Whatever"); Ben Shaberman ("Homage to Colonoscopy"); Sarah Jane Miller (reading the absent Matthew C. Terzi's "Oh, the Places You'll Poo!"); as well as myself ("Talkin' Trash").

Documentarian Bill Hughes was on hand to record the evening via photographs and video:

“Waste” Presented at Release Party at Atomic Books (Hon) from William Hughes on Vimeo.

The release party subsequently received a nice write-up at Baltimore Brew, as well.

Thanks again to all involved for a wonderfully dirty time!


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