Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"A View from the Field"

Not all of the work of the Office of Cemetery Oversight goes on at 500 North Calvert Street in Baltimore. An important part of the work occurs in cemeteries around the state. The Investigator for the Office of Cemetery Oversight routinely investigates aspects of complaints firsthand, interviewing complainants, talking with cemetery responsible parties, investigating damages and allegations of improprieties, and trying to get a feel for the issue at hand.

Rest assured that just because the investigator visits your cemetery doesn’t mean that something is wrong. In order to establish a good working relationship with the entities the Office regulates, the investigator will often stop in just to say hello, and get to know you. Think of the investigator as the face of the Office of Cemetery Oversight. Now that the Office is once again fully staffed, it is anticipated that the investigator will be able to spend more time in the field.

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