Monday, July 20, 2009

I Have a Favor to Ask

In the summer of 2007, while undergoing chemotherapy, I discovered this band out of the New York area called the Lost Patrol. In a word, I’d describe their sound as cinematic, a broad mix of influences that conjures everything from surf guitar, lounge, Ennio Morricone and David Lynch to desert skies, Joy Division and film noir. It really clicked for me, especially at a time when I couldn’t do much more than lie back and listen to music while the poison in my veins did its job.

I contacted them on MySpace a few months later, to tell them how much I appreciated their music and how, for me, it provided the perfect soundtrack to cancer treatment (if that can, indeed, be considered a compliment). To my surprise, they wrote me back, saying how much they appreciated my story, etc., and since then we’ve actually become friends.

Unfortunately, the last time they played Baltimore, in November 2008, in support of their most recent album, Midnight Matinee, about six people (including myself) showed up. Granted, it being a Sunday night didn’t help; still, I wouldn’t have been surprised if they (understandably) never played Charm City again after that turnout (or lack thereof).

Nevertheless, they’ve told me how much they like Baltimore and, fresh off a west coast tour that included the legendary Whiskey A-Go-Go, they’re coming back to Mobtown to play a gig at 8:00 p.m. this Friday, July 24, at Cyclops Books (on the northeast corner of Maryland and North Avenues).

The Lost Patrol have received a lot of critical acclaim, and I quite seriously think there is a broader audience out there (and here, in Baltimore) for them. That said, I plan to go see their show this Friday night, which, depending on the turnout, will hopefully be followed by more down the line.

Which (rather longwindedly, I know) brings me to that favor: if you have the chance (and even the slightest curiosity), please visit their website, which includes a handful of MP3s of their music. And if you like what you hear and/or happen to be free this Friday night, please consider coming down to Cyclops at 8:00 p.m. for their show. (I’m not sure how much the show costs, but I can’t imagine it will be very much at all.) As a friend, I would greatly appreciate it, personally, and I know they will, too.

Hell, I’ll even bring the booze . . .

And thanks for listening, as well as your support!



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